Maintaining your Composite Decking

Periodic cleaning of your composite decking will maintain its beauty. For general cleansing, use clear water or additionally a water and soap solution will suffice.

The quickest way to clean the composite decking boards is to use a conventional soap washer and to rinse the composite deck surface afterwards with a pressure washer. Always follow the grain during cleaning and do not use a dirt blaster but a standard beam. Ensure you maintain sufficient distance from the composite deck in order not to damage the surface.

If you do encounter any stains it is best to tackle them quickly, see our Tips and Tricks below to keep your deck in ship shape


Tips & Tricks

If you do encounter any stains on your composite decking then tackle them promptly. Do not allow them to absorb into the composite deck’s surface by drying out. For types of stains see the follwing information to best treat the accident.

Rust stains/ ground-in dirt and grimeUsing a cleaning product that contains phosphoric acid will help to remove the stains
Grease and oil stainsClean the oil stain immediately with a household degreasing agent and rinse with hot water.
Ice and snowRock salt can be used to melt snow and ice. Rinse or use a brush removing residues as it starts to melt or loosen.
Burn marksLike wood based products, burn marks are very difficult, sometimes impossible to remove. If the burn mark is not too deep, use a medium-grain sandpaper and sand lightly in the direction of the grooves. Always place a grill mat under the BBQ to prevent burn marks
Nicks and scratchesTo eliminate scrawl, nicks and scratches, use a medium-grain sandpaper and sand lightly in the direction of the grooves