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Sustainable composite solutions.

Our ethos is embedded in offering sustainable resources that are environmentally friendly. As inhabitants of our beautiful planet we believe in a collective responsibility to its conservation, for generations to come.



Our Vision

Composed to provide durable products of high quality, Deckorum is an organisation with a green heart and soul. Our ethos is embedded in conserving and being responsible for our beautiful planet. We are passionate and committed to provide products that are environmentally friendly and ethically sourced.

Our Sollast range and accessories are all 100% recyclable. The cycle of long lasting and reusable products ensures preservation and care for generations to come.

Ensuring Quality


Dedicated to strict quality processes from manufacturing to assurance. Deckorum supply the very best of innovative products to our customers. Complying with Quality Management Standards ISO 9001 and towards EN 13432, Deckorum takes important steps on the road of quality and a more sustainable society.

Supplied with a long manufacturer’s warranty of 25 years for peace of mind, the Sollast range secures that you can enjoy the outdoor space for many a year.



As well as reducing the carbon footprint Deckorum invests by donating to charities and communities to improve the future for a brighter tomorrow



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Will not rot, warp or splinter

A more long-term solution. Unlike timber, these boards do not rot, warp, chip, or split.

Amazing range of colours & finishes

Adds value to your home. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, elevate your outdoor living space

Highly trusted non-slip features

Very safe for you and your family with both high slip resistance and anti-splinter technology

Simple & Easy to maintain

Low in maintenance, our decking boards do not need to be treated, stained or oiled. Saving you both time and money